Hello and Welcome! We are a group of people who are extremely passionate about all things green! We are especially interested in solar panels and how they can benefit us and the environment that we live in.

Everyone knows that the amount of fossil fuels that we are burning around the world is far too much for the environment to handle. This is causing a steady deterioration in our atmosphere and threatening many species of animal around the globe. To combat this, many homeowners are fitting their homes with solar panels. Solar panels are great because after they are installed you can get a portion of your electricity completely free of charge (you’ll still need to buy some because the solar panels don’t work at night!). And, if you don’t use all of the electricity that you produce, you can just sell it back to the national grid and earn a tax-free income of over one thousand pounds per month! By harnessing solar electricity it is possible to dramatically cut down on the emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels.​​

We need to do more to help the environment. Every year thousands and thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions are carelessly dumped into our atmosphere, which is slowly but surely destroying our gorgeous planet. Some homeowners are accepting the responsibility and installing renewable energy sources on the house like solar panels. With the prices of solar panels ranging in price from six thousand pounds to fifteen thousand pounds and upwards, they are not cheap to install. Once installed though, they produced free electricity for your home but also for other people’s homes by selling it back to the national grid. This can earn more that one thousand pounds a year if you are lucky! So, it is certainly an investment that can pay off. More people need to see that what they are doing is damaging the planet. Simply installing solar panels on a few more homes worldwide can make a difference.​​
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